Works on Paper

The concept of transparency has played a role in my work. It began with painting Still Lifes , glass objects piled one on top of the other in complex arrangements displaying multiple layers. In the nineties, I returned to the Print and learned a new method of printmaking involving fiber dyes and transfer stencils. Working on a horizontal plane, changed my rapport with the process and revealed a layering matrix inwhich to build a surface. I began to collage and rearrange
the print.

These works on paper become a vehicle for my experience of looking into the water as I kayaked , observing the depth of layering and seeing complexity and chaos in random harmony. Working with sheets of flashing and using a dremel to incise drypoint markings, I began to print fragile line languages one on top of the other in a casual manner . The idea of laying down marks over marks and transparent color over shape began to take on a new significance . It occurred to me that the barrage of disparate information that I was generating had some roots in the overwhelming way in which we live our lives . I find myself everyday sifting through mounds of printed, digital, and visual information, having to make decisions what parts should be logged into my brain.This activity of trying to make life simpler and more transparent , working through the chaos has been a metaphor .

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Wardrobe Chronicles

Through the process of making and dressing cutout women figures , stories unfold. These figures ,represented globally, bring light to the silent crimes they endure. “Rape is the culture of silence”,  quotes President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. In India, bride burning takes place approximately once every 2 hours.
In Asia alone, one million children are working in the sex trade.Violence and abuse  towards women takes place everywhere.

This  installation of women who stand on a named scarf  celebrate their dignity  while telling stories of hope.

In the early 1990′s, the United Nations and the World Bank began to proclaim the potential resource that women and girls represent. “Investment in girls’ education may be the highest return investment available in the developing world.” Larry Summers wrote when he was chief economist of the World Bank.
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Book Arts

Books represent an opportunity for me to combine my printing skills with text. The imagery in my monotype process almost always has a narrative and so this art form is a natural extension.
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I see the still life as a means to create
an interesting composition that reflects my experiences of the transitoriness and
beauty of life. – Carolyn Shattuck
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