Happiness III

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Happiness 111 is a compilation of information from my family members who responded to my request for a statement concerning their triggers for happiness. The response was illuminating . The impetus for the book was the chinese quote,
“ Happiness is when the grandmother dies then the mother then the daughter”
The sense of order was compelling and simple. Unfortunately our lives do not play out in such a measured fashion. I chose the “explosion” format as a metaphor for the flowering of feelings when one is happy.

One of a kind.

Too Much Order

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Too Much Order – H-6.5″, W-8.75″ x 1″ – Pop-up, digital paper
Too Much Order is a fable about fear inhibiting one’s actions. I wanted to experiment with paper engineering of the pop-up book and work with digital imaging. The original assemblage was derived from scrap monotypes. The figures, Mr. & Mrs. Scaredy-Pants, evolved from my work with Puritan imagery and childhood memories.

Edition of 100

Home Sweet Home

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Home Sweet Home 16.5″x 10.5″ x 1″ Carousel, BFK Rives, pen, ribbon
University of Vermont Special Books Collection Bailey/Howe Library

One of a kind.

He Had No Words

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He Had No Words – 10.25″x9″ – Closed Edition of 20.
A patterned description of a person who suffers from distorted thinking such as Dementia.

Edition of 20