A look at book art

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Carolyn Shattuck prepared a visual feast for me when she invited me to her studio. Color, shapes, patterns, who
A public artist’s reception will be held Friday from 6 to 8 p.m.
The array Shattuck showed me represented a retrospective of 10 years’ work starting with an arrangement called “He Stole My View,” a miniature stage set depicting her home by the sea, a lofty patio, and her neighbor’s enormous trees, planted specifically to obscure her view of his property and, apparently, his ocean.
If you haven’t looked at book art, Shattuck’s work will give you a good start. If you are a book lover, you will reach for them. If you admire art with the mark of the artist’s hand, Shattuck’s books will please you.

Wardrobe Chronicles

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Raising Awareness of Women’s Rights Through the process of making and dressing cutout women figures , stories unfold. These figures, represented globally, bring light to the silent crimes they endure. “Rape is the culture of silence”, quotes President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. In India, bride burning takes place approximately once every 2 hours. In Asia alone, [...]

The Mouse and the Monster

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Anonymous Friday night was card and beer night. He drank himself into a stupor. He would come home a monster. The beating and punches began until he became exhausted. While I was smashed into the walls or space I did not make a muffled sound. I ate my pain. Fear dominated deep into my spiritual [...]

The Quilts of Gee’s Bend, vol. 2

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Remarkable works of art, from a tradition that dates back four generations, are made by women who live in a rural African, American Alabama community. The goal was to improvise with established designs to create a unique composition. Materials such as old clothes, cornmeal sacks, denim jeans and fabrics that fit the color palette were used. This [...]